About Suza Avolio …

The founder of Avolio-Design is the multipotentialite Suza Avolio, whose work is inspired and characterized by her love of nature, science, and surrealism. As a lively, colourful creative, she designs extraordinary products with interdisciplinary competence. Made in Italy and Made in Austria, an always proven good mixture.

Suza Avolio's way

Grown up in Innsbruck/Tyrol, her future is not entirely clear at first. After graduating from high school, she tends towards two fields of study that couldn't be more different: biology and architecture. At the same time, she is fascinated by sound engineering, a tough decision, but Suza has never made it easy for herself. With interior and product design, she then finds her optimal terrain to let her creativity run free.

To Tuscany

Soon the Tyrolean mountains become too constricting for her, and she moves to Italy, to beautiful Tuscany, where she enters the artistic world around the theatre and film stage and finds another important source of inspiration for her future work. She experiments as an actress on, and as a set designer behind the stage and, with her original ideas and at the same time her fast structured nature, she is soon responsible for several stage and film set productions.

To her own design label

The path to her own design then begins with a small inherited chest of drawers. She doesn’t like its old-fashioned look and so her first object emerges: The Sheriff, entirely made by Susanne's hands it is more of an artwork than a piece of furniture while retaining all functionality. Soon after, she transformes an empty champagne magnum bottle into a colourful lamp: La Vedova Allegra, and her own design label for everyday objects beigns to take shape. After her marriage to Pier Luigi Avolio, the brand’s name is obvious.

Her approach differs from that of many other designers. Suza Avolio first focuses on inspiration from an object, what leads her to her design ideas which she then implements with technical and artistic planning. Function and art are balanced in her design.

To Austria

During the upheaval of the last few years, Suza and Pier Luigi Avolio decide to move back to Austria, where Suza founds AVOLIO living design treasures in 2022 with the intent of closing the gap between functional furniture and decorative accessories. The aim is to breathe a harmonious and at the same time exclusive personality into every design.

Suza Avolio currently lives and works in Vienna.