About Suza Avolio …

The visionary behind Avolio-Design is the versatile Suza Avolio, a true multipotentialite whose creations are defined by an unwavering passion for nature, science, and surrealism. As a vibrant and colourful innovator, she designs exceptional products, seamlessly blending diverse fields of expertise to produce designs that transcend traditional boundaries.

Suza Avolio's Journey

Suza Avolio's narrative unfolds as a captivating journey, marked by diversity and delightful discoveries. Originating from the majestic Tyrolean mountains, after her studies in natural sciences, she eventually unearths her passion for interior design. Charting her course to the enchanting landscapes of Tuscany, she unfurled her experimental spirit as a stage and set designer for several years. Immersed in the heart of the Bel Paese for well over two decades, Suza Avolio not only absorbs the distinctive Italian Style but also adeptly weaves it into her designs.

Avolio living design treasures

In 2022, she brings to life AVOLIO living design treasures, aiming to bridge the gap between functional furniture and stylish accessories. The game-changing BIONICO and the fascinatingly surreal ICONICO product lines open new dimensions in interior design. From the CALEIDO collection, celebrating the hidden beauty of the insect world, to the REVIVIDO collection, breathing new life into forgotten furniture, each piece by Suza Avolio is a declaration of diversity, individuality, and sustainable luxury, making a statement in the world of design.

Avolio's unique style

Avolio's unmistakable, playful style, where no detail is left to chance, dances with diversity, transcends conventions, and beckons those in pursuit of the extraordinary. The underlying principle that ties everything together is her firm belief that black sheep don't necessarily have to be black.

Suza Avolio currently lives and works between Vienna and Tuscany.

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