Inspiration: Tuscany beyond clichés

With her collection CALEIDO, Suza Avolio invites us on a journey to a Tuscany that transcends classical clichés. In a realm where the nobility of Pisa once raised their graceful country estates, she guides us into a microcosm enclosing a unique and intriguing beauty: the green stink bug. During the warm months, it stays tucked away in the leaves, but come autumn, you'll find it out and about, searching everywhere for a snug winter hideout. Insects play a crucial role in the natural cycle, so it's good to try and overcome any dislike we may have towards them.

From microcosm to kaleidoscope

Suza Avolio embraces this challenge by crafting the six-legged coffee table CALEIDO TB, which pays homage to the captivating array of colours found in the insect kingdom. As she manipulates a photo of the green stink bug, she's struck by its resemblance to the mesmerizing patterns of a kaleidoscope, sparking her imagination to produce graphics inspired by its intricate beauty. From this creative exploration emerges the design of the glass tops, while the frame’s shape naturally evolves as a logical outcome of this design process.

Description and finishes


This coffee table features a hexagonal frame crafted from 5 mm powder-coated sheet steel. The meticulous laser cutting, and strategic leg placement not only enhance efficiency and sustainability but also create a stylish cutout in the tabletop. This detail is apparent through the semi-transparent printed glass top, adding to its overall visual appeal. The tabletop itself is made of 10 mm laminated glass with UV printing available in 8 vibrant colour patterns.

CALEIDO TB can be customized for outdoor use upon request.