Where craftsmanship meets celebration, and luxury finds its light

Picture this: a celebration marked by clinking glasses of champagne, shared in jubilation among friends. Yet, this memorable event doesn’t just fade away with the last sip. It transforms into a breathtaking piece of art – a table lamp that emanates sophistication, crafted from the very vessel that held the champagne.

The journey of La Vedova Allegra (eng. The Merry Widow) begins with a magnum sized champagne bottle emptied during a momentous occasion by Suza Avolio and her friends. In the hands of the artist, the bottle transforms into a canvas for creativity. The iconic Prince of Wales fabric dresses the lamp, embellished with luxurious velvet, and adorned with a suede ribbon that speaks volumes about refinement and elegance.

However, it's the details that truly set this table lamp apart. The widow’s hat, meticulously crafted with papier-mâché technique, completed with the outermost layers of the champagne’s own packaging, lending a story within a story to this masterpiece. But that’s not all – delicate semi-precious stones embellish this hat, adding a touch of opulence and sparkle, making it a sight to behold.

With an aura that exudes both glamour and a celebration of life’s finest moments, this lamp isn’t just a piece of décor; it's an ode to craftsmanship and the art of repurposing.

Imagine the ambiance La Vedova Allegra creates in your home – a soft, golden glow that whispers tales of celebrations past, invoking a sense of sophistication and joy. This table lamp isn’t just an illumination source; it’s a conversation starter, a statement piece that captivates and enchants.

Note: La Vedova Allegra is a one-of-a-kind piece, entirely handcrafted by Suza Avolio, ensuring its uniqueness and exquisite quality.