Primo Piano's Premier Tune: The Inaugural Overture of Transformed Elegance

Embrace the enchantment of transformation with Primo Piano - a resplendent creation, handcrafted by Suza Avolio. Once a modest piano stool, it now stands as an exquisite ode to creativity and artistry.

Primo Piano, having undergone a mesmerizing metamorphosis bears Suza Avolio's unmistakable touch in every aspect: disassembled piece by piece, shedding its former brown varnish for a renewed identity.

The legs of Primo Piano now exude a tranquil sophistication in matte light turquoise, while the horizontal parts boast textured faux python leather, adding allure and depth. Wrapped in serene light turquoise suede fabric, the seating invites touch and reflects comfort and style.

Surprises abound in the finer details. The knobs, once unassuming, now mirror the gentle turquoise hue. Whimsical copper-coloured bugs atop both sides infuse the piece with playful charm, a testament to Suza Avolio’s inventive mind.

Suza Avolio's deft touches of copper elevate Primo Piano further. Refined legs adorned with copper sheets and tiny nails, while the faux python leather is meticulously secured by saddlery nails.

This piano stool stands as a singular, hand-crafted creation—a stage for artistic reinterpretation and inspiration, showcasing Suza Avolio's vision. Anticipate upcoming variations and bespoke designs, each a masterpiece highlighting Suza Avolio's virtuoso skills and the potential for musical transformations.